Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning.


Spring cleaning.


I used to be energized by spring cleaning.  A fresh, clean, organized house?  Beautiful weather outside, breezes blowing, with the smell of fresh-cut grass in the air?  Yes, please!  So many projects sound good in the spring and when my house is in order, the way is paved to begin!  Look out, Pinterest!

But then, little miss Evie came along and…….ugh.   You know what I’m talking about, right, moms?

Toys everywhere, covered in dried snot/spit/guess-the-liquid.  Current clothes, outgrown clothes, new-with-tags clothes, all over every surface of the room.   Diapers, bottle supplies, books.  Cleaning Evie’s room yesterday, I wanted to cover my eyes and say “I see nothing, I see nothing, I see nothing….”

???????????????????????????????   My little pumpkin is in the background, playing away 🙂

I’ve been piddling around the house doing small spring cleaning projects, but Evie’s room reeeaaalllly needed cleaned up.

April 2013 022

I put Evie in a corner to play and dove in.  The work was made more enjoyable when I put in a CD that I got Evie for Christmas.  It was titled “Julie Andrews’ Collection of Poems, Songs and Lullabies” and it goes with a beautifully illustrated book of Julie’s and her daughter’s favorite poems and songs.  I have always adored Julie Andrews and I could listen to her speak or sing for hours.   Julie wrote, gathered and published the collection with her daughter, so I daydreamed of collaborating with Evie someday on some exciting writing adventure.

Next thing I knew, the room was clean.

Wow.  Beautiful music, lovely poems and spending time with Evie are the magic ingredients to make spring cleaning quicker and more enjoyable.

Thanks, Julie.  On to the dining room and book cases.  I wonder what Julie song I could put on for that room? 🙂  “Climb Ev’ry Mountain….”

What are your current spring cleaning projects and how do you get through them with a smile on your face?

Here’s to a clean and fresh home,



Seasonal mood swings

……are happening right here and now, people.  Yes, I just cried during The Color Purple.  And the Pure Michigan commercials with Tim Allen as narrator.  And over the thought that my daughter will be leaving the nest in 18 short years.

She’s 9 months old.

Can you say “pregnant???”

Just kidding. 🙂

But seriously, I suffer from not enough sun in the worst way.  Plus, I live in Ohio…….our minute by minute weather changes are enough to throw Bear Grylls off (Man vs. Wild, anyone?) and have him bawling at mother bears cuddling their cubs.  When the sun comes and goes so much, I sleep too much, cry too much, eat too much….it’s a hot mess.

Spring feels like Winter, Summer feels like Hades, Fall can’t make up its mind and Winter fakes us out with one snowstorm, then, as the snow melts away, shouts “Gotcha!  Put those snowmobiles away, suckas!”  (don’t tell Al Gore any of this……he’ll think that I think he’s on to something with all the global warming talk….can’t have him getting a big head)

What do you do when the weather changes as fast as the relationships on Bravo TV and you can’t keep up?

Put on your happy face 🙂



Happy Saturday, blogosphere!

Anyone remember when you had to buy sheet music from the store? I chuckle at that statement because it sounds so archaic. I haven’t bought a single sheet from a store in over a decade. I download everything now and wanted to share a site with you that is pretty awesome for finding most anything you’d ever need in sheet music.


Have you tried it? In a nutshell, it’s a file-sharing site for you to catalog your own purchased sheet music by scanning it into your own folder, storing it and putting it out there for others to download as well. Years ago, it was sort of like the Cloud before it’s time. You don’t have to worry about viruses, as everything is protected very well and there’s no more paying outrageous money for one piece of music you may play once or twice.

I started using this site in the early 2000’s and it’s been constantly updated since then. I’ve used it so many times for last-minute wedding music, hard to find material and lots more! It’s fabulous!

Music is in my soul and has been my entire life. I believe music is my God-given gift and I try to use it to minister to people through playing at church, community events and other capacities. I’ve played the piano since childhood, starting lessons when I was seven years old and continuing through my first college major, Piano Performance. My Freshman year I found out quick that I would be alone most of the time practicing, doing music homework, practicing, writing music and yes, practicing. As a career it wasn’t for me, but it’s still something I enjoy and love to have in my life.

What’s your experience with http://www.4shared.com?

Play on,

Food is not the enemy

This year is a year of transformation for me, I can feel it in my bones.  I’ve been overweight, unhappy in my skin and run down for too long.  Family and friends need me to get fit.  My baby needs me to get healthy.  I need me to start living.  God is calling me to shed my insecurities, my extra layer of fat and all the excuses I tell myself and others as to why I can’t do this.

It’s time for more.  I was made for more.

Lysa TerKerust, President of Proverbs 31 Ministries, wrote an amazing book entitled “Made to Crave”.  I am co-leading a bible study at my church starting in May that will focus on the principles in this book.  Of the hundreds of “aha” moments I had when reading this book (exaggerating, but only a little), the most eye-opening was, “Being overweight and/or addicted to food is not about the food.”

It’s not about the food.

It’s NOT about the food.

Ok, then…….where does food addiction come from?

Well, I’m about to embark on a journey to find out.

Health to you and yours,


Are you there, world? It’s me, mommy.

Hey all!  I’m Louisa and I’ve jumped into the blogging world with both feet!  Writing has been an underground, hidden passion of mine and I’ve finally given in to my need to express myself.  I believe the blogging world is a great platform to do good for others and to express my views on the issues close to my heart.

I’m a mom for the first time!  Nine months ago, I gave birth to a wrinkly, red, squalling bundle of girl we call Evie.  She’s bright and fun, learning to crawl and stand now, which more than keeps me and my husband on our toes.

This is what we’ve wanted and prayed for, to become parents.  It’s happening and I want to catalog our experience here, where I can read it long after she is married with her own children (I seriously just had to get a tissue).

Come join me on this wild ride. 🙂